Todd Henningsen Makes Appearance on Atlanta & Co.

Todd Henningsen appeared yesterday on Atlanta & Company and to provide

legal advice for those who have been injured in a

car accident in Georgia. Interviewed by host Christine Pullara, Mr. Henningsen gave

three tips that bear repeating here.

First, after a car accident, do not rely on the police to obtain the other

driver’s insurance information. Due to the length of time that it

can take for a police report to become available, it is necessary that

you immediately obtain the other driver’s insurance information so

that you can report the claim and obtain a rental car if necessary.

Second, when involved in a personal injury claim make sure that you do

not provide a recorded statement or sign any paperwork with the other

party’s insurance company without first seeking legal counsel. Although

it may seem like you are “required” to provide a statement to

the other driver’s insurance company, the law does NOT require it.

The safest bet is to speak with an experienced injury lawyer before speaking

to the other party’s insurance company.

Third, make sure that you are getting the medical treatment that you need.

If you are injured and do not receive medical treatment, the insurance

company will dispute the nature and extent of your injuries. As we tell

many of our client’s here at Henningsen Injury Attorneys, P.C., if

your injuries are not reported to the doctor and contained in your medical

records, the insurance company will deny that those injuries exist. Please

make sure to tell your health professional all of the injuries you have

sustained and receive medical treatment as soon as possible.

Click here to see the interview with Mr. Henningsen.