Car Accident Claim Settled for $95,000.00

After lengthy negotiations, Todd Henningsen recently resolved a claim on

behalf of a pedestrian who had been struck by a drunk driver. The family

of the victim contacted Mr. Henningsen just shortly after the incident

occurred. Initially, the family thought that it was a situation that they

could handle on their own, but after hearing about Mr. Henningsen’s

success in claims against drunk drivers, they contacted the firm for a

free consultation. Mr. Henningsen met with the family and realized that

the insurance company for the drunk driver was trying to place blame on the

pedestrian by arguing that he was crossing the street in an area where there was

no crosswalk.

Upon undertaking the representation, the firm immediately went to work

in investigating the claim. A thorough background investigation in to

the driving history of the drunk driver revealed that this was not the

first time that the driver had gotten behind the wheel while drinking.

In addition, Mr. Henningsen went to the scene of the accident and documented

the fact that there was no fault on the part of the pedestrian as this

was the only safe area to cross the street.

Once the client had completed his medical treatment, Mr. Henningsen immediately

submitted the personal injury claim for review by the insurance company.

The insurance company’s initial offer was only $40,000.00. After consulting

with the family, a decision was made to file a personal injury lawsuit

against the drunk driver. After completing discovery, Mr. Henningsen was

able to convince the insurance defense attorney to make an offer of $95,000.00

to resolve the entire personal injury claim and ultimately hold the drunk

driver accountable for his actions.

Claims against drunk drivers usually present a variety of complicated legal

scenarios that are best handled by an experienced personal injury attorney

in Atlanta, Georgia. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a

drunk driver, please contact our office immediately to put our resources

to work for you. We are aggressive in our pursuit of

car accident claims against drunk drivers and work hard to ensure that you and your family receive maximum compensation

for your injuries caused by an auto accident.