$140,000.00 Settlement for Car Accident Victim

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer, Todd Henningsen, just recently settled his client’s Injury Claim for $140,000.00. The car accident occurred in DeKalb County when another driver failed to yield the right of way and made a left turn directly in front of our client’s oncoming vehicle. Our client tried to take evasive action, but the wreck proved impossible to avoid. The police were summoned to the scene and the other driver was cited for Failure to Yield in violation O.C.G.A. section 40-6-73.

Our client was taken from the scene via ambulance to the emergency room where she was diagnosed with a fractured ulna and radius in her arm. After being released from the emergency room, she followed up with an orthopedist who determined that she would benefit from surgery to repair her arm. After she underwent surgery, the client’s family contacted Mr. Henningsen and he met with the client that weekend to develop a plan of action.

Following physical therapy for her arm, the client was still experiencing problems so she was seen by an occupational therapist who opined that she may have a permanent injury. In addition to seeing the occupational therapist, the client also followed back up with her orthopedist who determined that some of the pain might be alleviated by a second surgery to remove the instrumentation in her arm. Due to her pain levels, the client agreed to undergo the second surgery which dramatically decreased the pain levels in her arm.

Mr. Henningsen was able to resolve the liability portion of the Accident Claim pursuant to a limited liability release and then proceeded to recover the remaining money from the underinsured motorist coverage that was provided to the client. Fortunately, this client had a large underinsured motorist policy which allowed us to move forward with a large settlement for this, very deserving client.