Medical Malpractice: Foreign Objects Left Inside the Body

In the March 8, 2013, edition of USA Today, a well-written article entitled, “What surgeons leave behind costs some patients dearly,” shines a light on a problem that trial lawyers have known for decades. While insurers for doctors continue to lobby to cut away patient’s rights, this article highlights the need to expand the rights of those injured through medical negligence. According to the article, more than a dozen times a day, foreign objects are left in patients after a surgery. These incidents are clearly preventable and do not happen but for the negligence of the medical professionals. Despite the fact that this is happening every day in surgery rooms across America and here in Georgia, there is little that is being done to prevent this from happening. Hospitals have routinely failed to put into place simple technologies that could solve this problem. At Henningsen Injury Attorneys, P.C., we have seen first hand the devastating effects that these errors can have on patients. If you or someone you know has been suffered a personal injury in Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia our firm is ready to go to work for you.