Motorcycle Accident Victim Receives $125,000.00 Settlement

Henningsen Injury Attorneys P.C. settled a motorcycle accident claim for policy limits of $125,000.00. As he was driving his motorcycle in Coweta County, our client put on his right turn signal and slowed in order to make a right turn. As he was in the process of making his right turn, he was struck from behind by an inattentive and speeding driver. Although the force of the impact was significant, our client was able to maintain control of his motorcycle and bring it to a safe stop on the grassy shoulder on the side of the road. Following the wreck, our client took himself to the emergency room and was told to follow up with an orthopedist for his neck pain. The first orthopedist treated the injury as a simple, “whiplash” type of injury, but based upon the description of the pain from our client, we decided that it was best that he get a second opinion. Our client received a second opinion and following a series of diagnostic tests it was confirmed that he had herniated disks in his neck and would require surgery. The other driver only had minimal liability insurance limits, but because our client had good underinsured motorist coverage we were able to secure a settlement for the combined policy limits of $125,000.00. We are happy to report that our client is doing much better since his surgery, but still has lingering pain associated with this preventable accident. While we are pleased to report this large settlement, we believe that this claim was worth significantly more than the policy limits that were available. Unfortunately, it is too often the case that there simply is not enough insurance coverage to cover all of the losses that a person may have from a personal injury claim in Georgia. That is why we encourage all of our clients to review their Georgia uninsured motorist policy to ensure that they have enough coverage for any injuries that they may have incurred. For more help on understanding your insurance coverages contact our firm today.