Disputed Liability Claim is Settled for $175,000.00

Todd Henningsen was able to successfully convince the insurance company

to offer a total of $175,000.00 to resolve a disputed liability

car accident case where his client was injured while going through a yellow light.

The defense argued that his client accelerated to “beat the light”

and because he was trying to beat the light, he was going too fast for

conditions and caused the wreck. In the initial investigation of the case,

Mr. Henningsen interviewed the independent witnesses listed on the police accident report.

All of the witnesses confirmed the fact that his client was accelerating

through the intersection. After initial conversations with the insurance

company, it became apparent that it was mounting a defense to try and

deny the claim. In anticipation of the insurance company’s defense,

Mr. Henningsen engaged the services of an accident reconstructionist to

obtain all of the crash data from both vehicles involved in the incident.

After reviewing the data and examining it in light of the physical evidence

at the scene, Mr. Henningsen was able to convince the insurance carrier

that it would have a difficult time being successful in its defense, despite

the fact that there were two eyewitnesses who blamed his client. Rather

than see the matter decided by a jury, Mr. Henningsen was able to convince

the insurance company to eventually offer $175,000.00 which his client accepted.