Attorney Todd Henningsen Interviewed by Emory Mullling on Newstalk 1160 Radio

In March, Attorney Todd Henningsen of Henningsen Injury Attorneys P.C.

spent some time speaking with Emory Mulling of Mulling at Work on

Newstalk 1160 Atlanta. Attorney Henningsen was asked about the difference between typical

personal injury claims and workers’ compensation claims including

the losses in productivity for workplace injuries and the overall costs

of injuries.

Attorney Henningsen also spoke to the different types of car insurance

including liability insurance, which he contended was insufficient for

the average driver, recommending Georgia drivers double their current

amount of coverage to protect them when at-fault in an accident. He also

expounded on the need for uninsured motorists coverage. Finally, he opined

on the need for medical expense coverage which can be as little as $5,000

and can pay for trips to the doctor for an accident. Disability insurance

can provide extra income if injured and you have no income.

Asked about what trends in personal injury law he was seeing, Attorney

Todd Henningsen remarked on the rise of subrogation whereby health insurers

pursue a third party which caused an insurance loss as a way to recover

the amount of the claim paid to the insured for the loss.

He was honest in responding to Emory when asked how long an average injury

case takes, saying if a case does not go to trial, a case can take months

to resolve, and potentially years if litigation is needed. This is all

time, Attorney Henningsen quipped, that clients are living essentially

out of pocket.

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