What to Expect When Pursuing an Injury Claim

If you’ve been injured by the negligence of another individual, you

deserve to take action – but what does that action look like? Knowing

what lies between you and the compensation that you need to recover is

essential to ensuring that you can get through it quickly and stress-free.

Most importantly, hiring the right lawyer can make all the difference.

The Atlanta injury lawyers at Henningsen Injury Attorneys, P.C. know what

it takes to pursue claims with efficiency and effectiveness.

The Claims Process

The Consultation – The first step in any personal injury case is meeting with your

attorney for an initial evaluation of your case. Your lawyer will provide

you with the guidance that you need to move forward. During a consultation,

topics will be discussed regarding your medical care and insurance coverage,

as well as whether or not you have spoken to anyone about the incident.

The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss your legal options and

begin to plan out the next steps toward a resolution. At Henningsen Injury

Attorneys, P.C., this consultation is

free of charge.

Filing the Papers – Generally, paperwork is neither fun, nor simple. With the right

lawyer, you can eliminate most of the pain of filing papers, as he or

she can walk you through the process. In personal injury claims, the most

important document is the initial complaint, or petition, that is intended

to outline your claim and provide relevant facts. You must also file a

summons to be served to the defendant to notify him or her of the suit.

There are a number of additional documents that can be filed thereafter

to modify, challenge, or counter the initial claim.

The Discovery Period – Before the case can proceed, both parties are allotted time to

investigate the claim, through what is known as discovery. This is the

period of time in which all facts are disclosed. Your lawyer can submit

interrogatories to request answers to pertinent questions that you have

for the defendant. Additionally, you can request that the defendant provide

important documents, and third parties can be questioned. It is important

to note that you are also legally obligated to respond to any interrogatories

and document requests from the defendant. This is often the most frustrating

period of time for clients as it can be lengthy, invasive, and costly.

Pretrial Resolutions

Not all cases go to trial. In some circumstances, your attorney may be able to resolve the case

before a trial becomes necessary. For example, there are a series of motions

that may be filed if the defendant is not compliant, or if he or she is

unable to provide evidence that disputes key facts. Furthermore, some

cases can be negotiated toward a settlement. This typically results when

the defendant and their team know that your case is strong and accepts

that they will ultimately have to compensate you. It is important in these

cases to be aware of potential low-ball settlement offers.

The Trial – Should your case go to trial, it will likely not resemble an episode

of your favorite legal TV show, but it will contain the essential factors.

Both counselors will present opening statements, all witnesses will testify

and be cross-examined, closing arguments will be made, the jury will deliberate,

and the judge will present a verdict. The quality of your attorney and

the strength of your case will be directly tested during this process,

so it is important to have a team of experienced, competent, and effective

legal professionals in your corner.

What’s next?

Now that your case has been decided, either through a motion, a settlement,

or a verdict, the recovery period can begin. Collecting the money that

you are owed is not always easy and may require additional steps. Furthermore,

the defendant may choose to appeal the decision which can further drag

out the process. However, the right lawyer can help ensure that the final

decision is in your favor and can help you file motions for discovery

to uncover the defendant’s income and assets to ensure that you

receive what you are owed.

At Henningsen Injury Attorneys, P.C. we are dedicated to helping clients

recover from injuries caused by the negligence of others. We want to help

you stay informed throughout the case to mitigate your stress and expedite

the process. For more information about how we can help you, visit our

personal injury information center.

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