How is Liability Determined in an Accident?

All types of injury cases hinge on whether someone was legally responsible for the accident. The question being asked is essentially whether this person involved in the accident act with reasonable care or did they act in a negligent, careless way and so contribute to the accident.It may have been the case that there was a “duty of care” which needed to be upheld and can point to a person’s liability if it was not upheld. All persons must at all times take “reasonable care” to keep from injuring others, but this care can change depending on the time and place.

Basic principles are involved as far as obtaining compensation you deserve for your injuries:

  • Establishing that you were careful while another person was acting carelessly
  • If a negligent person harms you while working for another, the employer can be held liable
  • The owner of dangerous property or defective products is liable when they harm another
  • If you yourself acted carelessly, your compensation could be reduced or negated
  • You are not required to prove anything, only to give a reasonable argument of negligence

Applying these standards to your accident can help you in negotiating a fair settlement for your compensation in your injury claim.

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