Factors that Affect Personal Injury Claim Value

Most personal injury settlements utilize some sort of formula to calculate the damages you are due, and these formulas generally utilize a multiplier to determine your damages. Multipliers are connected to the amount of pain you have suffered.

Variables in your accident which may indicate a higher multiplier will be used include:

  • Broken bones, head injury, joint injury, wounding, vertebrae injury, nerve damage, etc.
  • Medical expenses primarily needed for treatment
  • Long recovery period anticipated
  • Prescription medication for the injury
  • Medical treatment by a doctor, clinic, or hospital
  • Permanent injury such as scarring, stiffness, weakness, or loss of mobility
  • Physical or emotional distress from the injury

Other injuries can mean a lower multiplier is used such as soft tissue damages as in a sprain or bruise, or if a short recovery period is expected.

Other factors which could affect the amount of compensation you may be eligible to recover include:

  • Whether youshare fault for the accident

  • Witnesses who can strengthen you case
  • Your organization and patience with the claims and settlement process

Having a skilled attorney on your side can make all the difference in how your claim is presented and how much compensation you can be eligible for.

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