Biggest Product Recalls of 2015

As consumers, we expect that the products we purchase will work properly and not endanger us in any way. Unfortunately, some products create safety hazards, resulting in nationwide product recalls.

2015’s Top 25 Biggest Product Recalls

CNBC has compiled a list of 2015’s 25 biggest product recalls, in order from smallest to largest in scale. They are as follows:

  1. Hyundai Sonata’s Faulty Engine Parts (470,000 cars recalled)
  2. Volkswagen Emissions Scandal (482,000 cars recalled)
  3. Sanderson Farms Chicken Contamination (500,000 pounds of chicken recalled)
  4. Fiat Chrysler Ignition Switches (702, 578 cars recalled)
  5. GM Lift Gate Issues (780,000 cars recalled)
  6. Fiat Chrysler Issue with Anti-Lock Brakes and Air Bags (894,000 cars recalled)
  7. Flaw in Trek Bicycle’s Quick-Release Levers (998,000 bikes recalled)
  8. SABMiller Broken Glass in Beer (1.03 million bottles of beer recalled)
  9. Ram Truck Defect in Steering Wheel (1.06 million trucks recalled)
  10. Mazda Ignition Switches (1.2 million cars recalled)
  11. Toyota Air Bags Made by Takata (1.37 million cars recalled)
  12. Honda Air Bags Made by Takata (1.39 million cars recalled)
  13. Fiat Chrysler Hacking Bug Interfering with Engines (1.4 million cars recalled)
  14. GM Oil Leak/Fire Hazard (1.4 million cars recalled)
  15. Toyota and Nissan Air Bags, Second Round of Takata Recalls (1.56 million cars recalled)
  16. Toyota Air Bags, Just Japanese Models (1.6 million cars recalled)
  17. General Mills Cheerios Mislabeled as “Gluten Free” (1.8 million boxes of cereal recalled)
  18. Aspen Foods Chicken Salmonella Contamination (1,978,680 pounds of chicken recalled)
  19. Kraft Heinz Turkey Bacon Going Bad Before Expiration (2 million pounds of turkey bacon recalled)
  20. Honda Air Bags, Second Round of Takata Recalls (4.5 million cars)
  21. Toyota and Nissan Air Bags, Third Round of Takata Recalls (6.5 million cars recalled)
  22. Toyota Power Windows Causing Fires (6.5 million cars recalled)
  23. Kraft Mac & Cheese, Scraps of Metal in Pasta (6.5 million packages recalled)
  24. Volkswagen Emissions Scandal, not formally required recall yet (8.5 million cars potentially recalled)
  25. Takata Air Bags Overall (34 million air bags recalled)

Have you been injured by a recalled product?

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