Motorcycle Accident Avoidance Tips

Most of us understand that motorcycles offer less protection than passenger vehicles do. When someone is involved in a motorcycle accident, a rider’s injuries are significantly more severe and possibly life-threatening.

With this in mind, our Atlanta motorcycle accident attorneys cannot stress enough the importance of safe and defensive driving techniques. One could argue that motorcyclists must have superior skills to maneuver the road and be cautious of any potential dangerous.

Below, we offer some of our tips to help avoid an accident.

Our Top Motorcycle Safety Tips

1. Always wear a helmet.

Georgia law requires all riders to wear some form of protective headgear. The helmet must be approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Research has shown time and time again that wearing a helmet saves lives simply be absorbing some of the impact to the head.

2. Use protective gear.

The same way that a helmet offers protection, so does keeping your body covered from head to toe. Brace for the possibility of a crash, which means wearing a jacket, boots, leg braces, and gloves. It can prevent road rash, burns, scrapes, and other injuries that often arises from motorcycle accidents.

3. Avoid sharing lines with vehicles.

Sometimes drivers can be oblivious and only recognize other cars driving alongside in other lanes. They may not realize that a motorcycle is sharing a lane directly to the left or right of them. Sharing lanes is also known as lane splitting and is often one of the largest causes of motorcycle accidents.

4. Keep your motorcycle well maintained.

In addition to regular check-ups on the engine, it is always a good idea to keep tabs on how well the brake lights, headlights, and other equipment on the bike are in fine working condition. These will be essential to your safety.

5. Never overestimate (or underestimate!) your riding ability.

Be familiar with what you can handle and what you should not attempt. You should be riding cautiously and appropriately with your skills. You know best what you are capable of, and this will be critical in preventing an accident.

As always, you can turn to our Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers if you have any further questions or need legal guidance on your claim. Henningsen Injury Attorneys, P.C. strive to help our clients find full financial recovery after they have been in an accident. You should never be forced to suffer if you know that an accident was not your fault. We fight for the rights of motorcycle riders who share the road with us each and every day.