What to Do Immediately After You Are in an Accident

Thousands of

car accidents happen every day. From small fender benders to serious head on collisions,

car accidents can cause a serious amount of damage. Would you know

what to do if you were in an car wreck? Let our experienced Atlanta car accident attorneys provide some tips

on what to do immediately after you are in an accident to protect your

safety and your


Steps to Take Immediately After a Collision

Whether you are in a single-car accident or multiple vehicle pileup, it

is important that you take fast action after an accident.

  1. First things first, you should do your best to move your car to the sideof the road, out of the way of moving traffic. If you can’t do this,

    you should find a safe time to get out of your vehicle and get to a safe

    spot on the side of the road.

  2. Once you quickly check on the other driver or drivers involved, you shouldcontact local police (or 911 if any serious injuries are apparent).
  3. Once an officer is on the scene, they will be able to record any evidenceand make an official police report. This can be very useful and you or

    your attorney should seek to obtain a copy as soon as it is available.

Other helpful steps you can take after an accident include:

  • Taking photos of any damages, surrounding skid marks, or debris
  • Exchange information with other drivers and witnesses
  • Never admit guilt or say an accident was your fault
  • Seek medical attention right away, even if your injuries don’t seem serious
  • Keep all receipts involved with the accident, including medical bills

If you are in need of further evidence to prove the other driver’s

fault in an accident, there are many resources you can use. You may be

able to access photos from red-light cameras, review intersection records,

or even obtain 911 call recordings.

The Last Step: Get an Attorney on Your Side

All of these pieces may complete the picture of what really led to your

car accident and

injuries. Gathering all this information and compiling it into an effective case

can be challenging, which is why retaining a seasoned car accident lawyer

can be one of the most beneficial steps you take.

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