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  • How Long Will my Case Take? Attorney Todd Henningsen discusses what factors affect how long a personal injury case may take.
  • Jury Trial vs. Settlement Mr. Henningsen talks about how a personal injury lawyer from the firm will be able to see whether or not taking the settlement would be the best option for you or if you should go to court.
  • Seeking Compensation Mr. Henningsen talks about seeking compensation if you have been involved in a personal injury related accident.
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Car Accidents

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Car Accidents

$140,000.00 Auto Accident Settlement- $140,000.00

$140,000.00 Out Of Court Settlement For Injuries From A Georgia Auto Accident.

Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer, Todd Henningsen, settled a Personal Injury Claim for $140,000.00 for a broken arm that resulted from a car accident. When the client's family contacted Mr. Henningsen about what happened, Mr. Henningsen met with the family and developed a plan of action to make sure that his client received full compensation for her injury claim. After investigating the accident and confirming that the other driver was at fault for Failing to Yield the right of way, Mr. Henningsen settled the liability portion of the claim pursuant to a limited liability release. Mr. Henningsen then made a claim under the underinsured motorist provision of his client's policy and was ultimately able to make a large recovery on this significant Georgia Auto Accident claim.

$125,000.00 Car Accident Settlement- $125,000.00

Atlanta Car Accident Personal Injury Case Settles For $125,000.00 Based Upon Future Knee Surgery Estimate.

When this potential client called the Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers at our firm, she had previously been represented by another attorney, but her case was going nowhere. She had not received the proper medical treatment because she did not have health insurance and could not afford to pay for the treatment on her own. After meeting with her, we quickly created a treatment plan where she was seen by an orthopedist who would wait and receive payment once the claim resolved. After a thorough examination it became apparent that she needed surgeries on both knees. We submitted these surgical estimates to the insurance carriers and after negotiations were able to obtain the policy limits of the various insurance policies for a total settlement of $125,000.00.

$100,000.00 Passenger Injury Settlement- $100,000.00

Passenger Makes Claim Against Driver And Receives $100,000.00 Limits.

Mr. Henningsen’s client was a passenger in a vehicle driven by a drunk driver. The two were involved in a serious, single car accident in which the client suffered a skull fracture. The insurance company argued that the client assumed the risk that she would be injured by riding in the car with a drunk driver and did not want to take responsibility. The insurance company tried to offer less than their $100,000.00 policy limits on the case. After repeated negotiations, Mr. Henningsen was able to convince the insurance company to offer the full policy limits of $100,000.00

$100,000.00 Settlement for Car Wreck Victim- $100,000.00

Abdominal Injury Nets Client $100,000.00 Out Of Court Settlement.

Mr. Henningsen’s client sustained an abdominal injury as a result of a car wreck. The insurance company heavily disputed that the car wreck caused the injuries. The client had a history of prior abdominal problems and the insurance company justified its low offer by relying on the prior medical history of Mr. Henningsen’s client. A lawsuit was filed to let the jury decide the issue. After the lawsuit was filed Mr. Henningsen was able to convince the insurance company to re-evaluate its position. Ultimately, the insurance company increased the offer over five times from the initial amount offered to resolve the matter for the six-figure policy limits.

Settlement for Car Wreck Victims

Claim Against Teen Driver Yields Insurance Limits Recovery For Family.

A family was injured in a car wreck caused by a teenage driver with alcohol in the vehicle. Despite the fact that the police officer never conducted a field sobriety test on the teenage driver and never made an arrest in the matter, we were able to successfully convince the insurance company to offer their policy limits on the case.

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"Todd worked on my case non-stop for almost three years and reached a great settlement at the end. It was a complicated case (motorcycle accident) and he worked very hard on it . He carries himself very well and is very knowledgeable. He does his homework and research on your case down to the last detail. I would highly recommend this attorney for any personal injury case! Great honest man!!"