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Riding a bike is a form of transportation that is beneficial for your health and great for the environment, but unfortunately, it can be dangerous. When riding a bike, you don’t have any protection besides a helmet; hence, bike injuries can be very severe.

How the Pandemic Affected Traffic Accidents

Many people were isolated at home during the pandemic. There were fewer cars on the road, as a result there were fewer accidents. However, the ratio of accidents to cars on the road was higher than it had been in previous years. People thought they were alone, and they also thought the end of the world was near. Drivers were more reckless, and that resulted in accidents. 

 More people rode bikes because gyms were closed and they needed a way to exercise. About 1/4 of bicyclists killed in car accidents were struck by a hit and run driver.

If you are injured in an accident involving a bike, you will need an Atlanta bicycle accident lawyer to advocate for you. Our attorneys are well versed in motor vehicle accident law and have handled many cases involving bicycles. 

Typical Causes of Bike Accidents

Bicycle Accident

Even bicycle riders who always stay in the bike lane and wear safety equipment can get into cycling accidents. A bicycle rider is more vulnerable to small mistakes made by car and truck drivers.

Bikes can be hard to see on the road, and they don’t always have dedicated lanes to themselves. Drivers are responsible for looking out for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists. If you are following the rules of the road and a car hits you, the driver is negligent.

Distracted driving is a major cause of accidents on the road. Cell phones have created a tempting diversion for drivers.  If someone is looking at their cell phone or texting when they are supposed to be keeping their eyes on the road, they may not notice a small vehicle like a bicycle when it crosses their path. 

That is why bike accidents have been on the rise since the invention of the Smartphone.

National Bicyclist Fatalities 2007–2019

In recent years, lawmakers have taken note of the problems that cell phones cause and have imposed new laws and penalties on people who use cell phones while driving. If you get in an accident and notice a cell phone in the driver’sq hands or in the car that hit you, you should take a picture of it if you can.

Failure to yield is a major reason for bicycle accidents and injuries. In some cases, a driver will simply not see a bicycle coming and proceed into an intersection. A bicycle does not make any noise, and a driver might not hear it coming if they are at an intersection that lacks a red light, yield sign, or stop sign. 

Hazardous road conditions can also cause bicycle accidents. If it is a foggy or rainy day, a driver’s visibility will be significantly reduced, and accidents can happen. Fewer bicycles will be out on such a day, but for some people, a bicycle is their only mode of transportation. Drivers are still responsible for watching bicycle lanes and for looking out for vehicles and pedestrians in such weather.

Typical Injuries from Bicycle Accidents 

Severe injuries can result from bicycle accidents. In extreme cases, they can result in permanent disability or death. There are a few injuries that ER doctors are used to seeing when a bike is involved in a crash. 

Damage to the Teeth and Mouth

If a bicyclist falls forward, it is not uncommon for them to suffer injuries to their mouth. They might damage their teeth, and they may even permanently damage their jaw structure.

Damage to the Eyes and Nose

Your nose is the first thing that will hit the ground if you fall on your face from a bicycle.  Broken noses are very typical after an accident.  If you are wearing glasses, they can break when you fall, and glass can get into your eye. This can result in permanent damage to your vision.

Road Rash

Road rash is not uncommon after an accident. Road rash can involve tearing off several layers of skin. Bones and organs may even be exposed. You can be permanently scarred from road rash.

Broken Bones

Landing on an elbow or arm when you fall off a bicycle can result in broken bones. Cracked ribs are also typical after a collision with a car. It is only natural to brace yourself for a fall, and people will often put their hands out in front of them. This can result in a broken wrist, broken hand bones, or a fractured shoulder. 

Back Injuries

Landing on your back can cause a multitude of problems. It can result in spinal injuries and severe trauma to the neck. When a person’s spinal cord is damaged, they can suffer from full or partial paralysis. You might suffer from permanent nerve damage if your back is injured.

Head Injury

A bike accident can cause traumatic brain injury resulting in death or permanent cognitive disability. A person may not be able to live a normal life after a serious bicycle accident. You may be limited in physical activity for the rest of your life, and you may no longer be able to work.

Our team of experienced bicycle accident lawyers knows how to get you the insurance compensation that you deserve.  

Insurance Law in Georgia

There are two types of insurance rules in the United States; fault and no-fault. In a no-fault state,  a person’s insurance company will pay for their injuries no matter who caused the accident. In a fault state, the person who caused the accident is responsible for paying its bills.

Georgia is a fault state. This means that it is very important to collect evidence and documentation of an accident. There are a few things that you can do to prepare for your free consultation with a bicycle accident attorney.

What You Should Do at the Scene 

A bike accident can be very traumatic. If you are in a bicycle collision, you might be severely injured and unable to call 911 or even move. If you cannot make the call, you should get somebody to make it for you. 

Wait for the police to arrive and get the names of any witnesses who may have seen the bike accident. Take pictures of the accident scene if you can, or ask someone to take them for you. It is always important to collect evidence after an accident.

When an ambulance arrives, you should go to the hospital. Always go to the doctor after an accident, even if you feel just fine. Some serious injuries might not be immediately apparent. 

Save a copy of all your medical bills. Save the receipts from any medications that you took, whether they are prescription or non-prescription. You must also have your employer write a letter stating the number of hours you have missed from work and the amount of money you have lost as a result. You should then call an Atlanta personal injury lawyer to get legal assistance

What Insurance Covers

When a negligent driver hits you, their insurance policy should cover your medical treatment, lost wages, and damage to your bicycle. You will also be able to get compensation for pain and suffering.

If a driver’s actions were especially careless and resulted in serious injuries, or a crime was committed by the driver during the incident, you may be able to get compensation for punitive damages. 

Calling Your Insurance Company

When you call your insurance company, they will ask you a series of initial questions about your accident. They will ask you to send them all of the documentation you have of the collision and the medical issues you have suffered because of it.

An insurance adjuster from the at-fault driver’s insurance company will contact you to interview you about your case. They may ask you for a recorded statement and you are under no obligation to provide one. Please note, all phone calls with insurance adjusters are likely recorded. 

Do not let them pressure you into saying anything self-incriminating about the accident. Insurance companies will often try to get you to state that you were responsible for the accident in one way or another. It is advisable to get legal representation before speaking to an insurance company.

Once you have sent your documentation to the insurance company, insurance adjusters will begin investigating your case. They will get back to you and either accept or deny your claim. If they accept your claim, they will make you a settlement offer. Talk to an attorney before accepting any offer. Find out what your case is worth and what you are entitled to.

An insurance company might try to lowball you on a settlement even if you suffered a serious injury. Our bicycle accident attorneys are well-versed in Georgia law and have many years of experience dealing with insurance adjusters. We know all the arguments to use in settlement negotiations to get you a fair offer.

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