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Confronting the aftermath of an accident that changes your life can be a daunting experience, laden with both emotional and physical challenges. Facing the labyrinth of a personal injury claim alone can add to this burden. At Henningsen Injury Attorneys P.C., we recognize the depth of your ordeal. Our seasoned legal team, with more than three decades of expertise, has consistently stood by clients grappling with the consequences of their injuries. Allow us to be your pillar of strength. Our committed team of Birmingham personal injury lawyers is devoted to championing your cause, ensuring you attain the compensation and justice you are entitled to.

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Birmingham Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury in Birmingham: A Comprehensive Overview

Within the Birmingham, Georgia community, personal injury law addresses instances where individuals have been harmed due to another’s negligent actions or inaction. This legal area encompasses diverse types of incidents, including:

  • Various automobile accidents, such as those involving trucks, cars, and motorcycles;
  • Pedestrian-involved incidents;
  • Bicycle accidents;
  • Slip and fall occurrences;
  • Dog bite situations;
  • Abuse in nursing homes;
  • Medical malpractice cases;
  • Wrongful death circumstances;
  • And claims related to product liability.

The primary aim in a Birmingham personal injury case is to secure rightful compensation for the injured party, covering areas like medical costs, lost earnings, and the broader scope of pain and suffering.

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Deciphering Liability in Birmingham Personal Injury Cases

In Birmingham, Georgia, as in the broader state, determining who is at fault in personal injury cases is grounded in negligence and the concept of comparative fault.


Negligence arises when an individual or entity does not uphold a reasonable level of care, leading to harm. For proving negligence in a personal injury case, it is essential to establish:

  • A duty of care existing between the defendant and the plaintiff;
  • A breach of this duty by the defendant;
  • A direct link between this breach and the plaintiff’s injuries;
  • And resultant damages suffered by the plaintiff.

Comparative Fault

Georgia’s legal framework, applicable to Birmingham, follows a modified comparative fault rule. This approach can adjust the compensation for an injured party based on their degree of fault. In cases where a victim is found to be 50% or more at fault, they may be barred from receiving any compensation.

Our experienced Birmingham personal injury lawyers at Henningsen Injury Attorneys P.C. have the expertise to guide you through these nuanced legal processes, staunchly defending your rights.

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The Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Birmingham

Engaging a dedicated personal injury lawyer in Birmingham from Henningsen Injury Attorneys P.C. is critical for a successful outcome in your case. In Birmingham, our team is committed to:

  1. Meticulously investigating the specifics of your case and amassing crucial evidence to support your claim.
  2. Handling all negotiations and communications with insurance companies and opposing entities, safeguarding you from statements that could compromise your case.
  3. Vigorously advocating for your rights, working relentlessly to negotiate for the maximum compensation you merit.
  4. Preparing comprehensively for litigation, representing you in court if needed, to ensure that your side of the story is presented effectively and justice is sought.

Enduring the consequences of a serious injury can be a challenging and draining experience. At Henningsen Injury Attorneys P.C., our compassionate team of personal injury lawyers in Birmingham is devoted to offering you the support and empathy you require during this difficult period.

Expert Legal Support: Your Birmingham Personal Injury Lawyer

When faced with the repercussions of a personal injury, the guidance of a proficient legal team is indispensable. At Henningsen Injury Attorneys P.C., our skilled personal injury lawyers in Birmingham are ready to provide steadfast support and representation. We navigate the complexities of legal proceedings, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery and future. Contact us now to begin your journey towards securing the justice and compensation you deserve.

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The costs associated with hiring a personal injury lawyer in Birmingham may differ, but at Henningsen Injury Attorneys P.C., we operate on a contingency fee basis. This means you won’t owe us anything unless we win your case.

Choosing the most suitable personal injury lawyer in Birmingham involves several factors: