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Defective Equipment

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When a car part is defective or does not function properly, serious injury or death can result. Vehicle defects can occur when the design of the vehicle is faulty or when the materials used during manufacturing are faulty. One of the main reasons for accidents related to defective equipment is that companies do not spend the money required to produce safe equipment. Instead, they cut costs on research and development in order to increase their bottom line.

Airbags, brakes, and seat belts can all be defective if they are not designed, manufactured or installed properly. This is one of the reasons why it is critically important that you enlist the help of Henningsen Injury Attorneys, P.C. when you or your loved ones are injured in a car accident of any kind.

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Types of Defective Car Equipment

Defective Equipment

Defective Tires
If you were sold an eight-year-old tire as new and were injured in an accident because the tire blew out, you may be able to hold the tire retailer responsible for your pain and suffering. Tire tread separation is another type of tire defect that can lead to rollover accidents because of a sudden tire blowout. Tires separate when there is poor bonding of the rubber to the steel belt during the manufacturing process. Misplaced tires can also lead to a car accident because of hydroplaning or other accidents.

Roof Cave-Ins
Roof crush injuries are often the result of a rollover accident and can result in devastating injuries to the vehicle’s occupants. The metal from the roof and the glass from the windshield can both be forced inward toward the vehicle’s occupants, and head injuries, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractures and deep cuts can happen as a result.

Faulty Brakes
Faulty brakes can affect more than just the driver and passenger of the vehicle; they can also endanger other drivers or pedestrians nearby if the driver of the faulty car is unable to reduce speed or stop the vehicle. There are numerous reasons why your brakes may fail, including faulty design, faulty installation, leaking or clogged brake lines, or weak brake shoes or pads.

Investigating Your Car Accident in Atlanta, GA

When you call Henningsen Injury Attorneys, P.C. about your car accident, we will thoroughly research and review every aspect of the accident. Our Atlanta car accident lawyers may work with other experts in accident reconstruction or mechanical design or engineering to determine if equipment failure contributed to your accident. In addition to the police reports, we can also obtain repair and maintenance records for the other car(s) involved, as well as research any recall notices that may have been released for specific car parts or equipment.

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