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Fractures and Broken Bone Injury Cases

Unexpected accidents can sometimes turn your life upside down. When you get fractures or broken bones because of a personal injury, you will have to spend more time at home recovering from your wounds. This can be a major inconvenience and make you suffer emotionally and financially. For example, you may be required to take time off from work and will be unable to participate in your normal hobbies.

When you experience a fracture or broken bone due to no fault of your own, you can get compensated with the help of a personal injury lawyer. A fracture and broken bone attorney can review your case and estimate how much you deserve in settlement money. Your damages weren’t your fault, which is why your attorney will hold the at fault party responsible for them. Speak to a personal injury attorney now to find out what you should do regarding your fracture and broken bone injury case.

Doctor putting a cast on a patients arm

How Do Fractures And Broken Bone Injuries Occur?

Even though bones are one of the toughest materials in our body, they can begin to break under heavy stress. This occurrence is exactly what happens when you experience a high-impact personal injury. When you get into a car accident, hit the floor really hard, fall from a tall height, or smack into a hard object while playing a sport, a fracture or broken bone can occur. For example, if you were on a motorcycle and a car crashed into you, you could hit the ground and fracture your ribs. Another example is if you walk down broken stair steps on someone else’s property and trip. If you tumble down the stairs, this can result in multiple fractures and even broken bones.

Who Is At Fault For Fractures And Broken Bone Injury Accidents?

If someone else caused your injury, whether accidentally or through a reckless mistake, you are not at fault. This means that had the other person not been negligent in some way, you wouldn’t have been hurt. For example, a property owner that doesn’t regularly clean their sidewalks and lets leaves pile up can create a hazardous condition. You could slip on a layer of leaves and fracture bones in your wrists when you use your hands to break your fall. The premises owner could have avoided this situation by making sure their sidewalks were regularly cleared. 

However, sometimes the person liable isn’t what it seems. Perhaps the premises owner hired a law maintenance team and they failed to clear the sidewalks as promised in their service package. In this case, your attorney would hold that company liable instead of the premises owner. Speaking to a knowledgeable fracture and broken bone injury attorney is the best way to understand who is at fault. This is especially important if you contributed to your own injuries. With an attorney’s help, they can calculate what percentage of your accident you contributed to. Your attorney can then calculate how much you can receive in damages from the other party. According to the law of comparative negligence, you can still receive compensation if you contributed less than 51% of your damages.

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How Can A Fractures And Broken Bone Injury Attorney Help You?

Attorneys work hard to prove that you are not at fault. They also investigate your claim to build enough reliable evidence to prove that there is another party responsible for your damages. When they have proof, they can legally use this information to demand compensation from the liable party. Attorneys calculate how much in damages you receive using your lost wages, pain and suffering damages, property damage, and medical. With their help, you can receive maximum compensation to cover all of your financial losses. Attorneys also negotiate with the other party on your behalf and manage all communication with the other party. If they refuse to negotiate, your attorney takes them to court. You don’t have to fight for the right to get your compensation on your own. Instead, your attorney represents your best interests and makes sure you are fairly compensated.

Speak To Personal Injury Attorneys Today About Your Fractures and Broken Bone Injuries

Your injuries can set you back for weeks, months, and in some cases years. You might be unable to participate in activities you enjoy because you are temporarily disabled due to broken bones or fractures. This isn’t your fault, and you shouldn’t continue without being compensated for your injuries. Our attorneys will make sure you get the opportunity to get a settlement that fairly reflects how much in damages you suffered. Doing this by yourself is not only overwhelming but also can have limited results. You don’t have to pay our law firm immediately, but instead only when we win your settlement. Speak to us now to find out how much you may be eligible for personal injury damages. Call Henningsen Injury Attorneys P.C. now for a free consultation.