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When you get into a bad accident, you can suffer from injuries that make life problematic for months on end. If the accident wasn’t your fault, the person responsible is required to pay you for causing you harm. In some cases, it may take some time for you to discover you experienced tendon injuries after your accident. Even if you discover you have soft tissue injuries belatedly, you still deserve to be compensated.

Tendon injuries aren’t as serious as bleeding wounds but are still extremely painful. They can impact your ability to live life to its fullest because you have limited mobility while recovering from your injuries. Additionally, some tendon injuries never fully resolve themself, even after medical treatment. This is why your tendon injury attorney is very crucial to your recovery. They can help you get compensated and provide you with financial compensation through the settlement claim process. If you still have lingering wounds, compensation for your damages can help make life easier in many ways.

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How Do Tendon Injuries Occur?

Unlike non-traumatic injuries, when tendons get injured in an accident they undergo abrupt tears. This is called a tendon rupture, which occurs when too much stress is placed on a tendon, causing it to break. When a tendon rupture occurs, typically you can hear a popping or snapping sound in the injured region. These can happen in the ankles, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees. Tendon injuries can happen because of sports injuries, workplace injuries, car accidents, or slip and fall accidents. In rare cases, they can happen due to medical malpractice because of an incorrectly performed surgery or other error.

Who Is At Fault For Tendon Injury Accidents?

Depending on the type of personal injury you experienced, you might not be at fault. If the other party was negligent in some way and their actions directly caused you harm, they may be liable for your wounds. There must be proof that the other party was to blame due to a mistake or error on their end. For example, it could be that the other party didn’t update the incredibly old carpet on their property. If you sprained your ankle and tore a tendon tripping over a ripped carpet, this would make the premises owner at fault. Every personal injury case is unique, which is why you need to ask your personal injury attorney who can be held liable for your injuries.

What Happens If I Am Partly To Blame For My Tendon Injury?

It is possible that you are partially at fault and contributed to your own injuries. However, in these circumstances, you can still receive compensation if you were less than 51% at fault. According to Georgia’s comparative negligence law, you can still receive compensation for damages for the 50% of your accident that you were not at fault for.

How Can A Tendon Injury Attorney Help You?

Once you work with a tendon injury attorney, you can receive access to talents that can improve your chance of receiving a fair settlement. Attorneys perform the following services:

Confirm You’re Not At Fault

Your attorney can review your case and make sure you know whether you are or aren’t at fault. This saves you time so you don’t file a lawsuit or seek a settlement from a party that isn’t at fault. If you are not at fault and don’t know who to hold liable, your attorney will know who the responsible party is. 

Investigate For Evidence

You need evidence to prove to the other party that they should compensate you for their actions. Your attorney solves this issue by finding the appropriate evidence to show how you were harmed. 

Seek A Settlement

Tendon injury attorneys help you seek a settlement after estimating all of your damages. They reach out to the other party and negotiate fair compensation using the proof and the estimated settlement amount. 

Represent Your Claim

Attorneys represent you in court if the other party fails to negotiate a fair settlement amount. They will file a lawsuit on your behalf and represent your case before the judge or jury.

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No matter how small or large your injury is, you should recruit the help of reliable attorneys. Not only do we find additional proof regarding your case, but we also make sure we include all of your damages. Medical bills, missing income, and even emotional distress are calculated into your settlement. The other party may leave out your pain and suffering damages even though this makes up a huge chunk of your total settlement. Trust our team to calculate all of the damages you are owed so that you receive fair compensation for all that you endured. We work on a contingency fee basis, not requiring you to pay upfront. Reach out to us to find out how to get started and call Henningsen Injury Attorneys P.C.