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Did a physician, pharmacist, or other medical care professional prescribe you the wrong medication or were you given the wrong type? The medication works alongside the work of doctors to provide treatment. The active ingredients in the drugs are what help alleviate symptoms or treat your ailment.

These drugs were designed specifically to target that medical condition. The main ingredient of cough syrup, for example, is meant to soothe your
cough first and foremost. Other ingredients can help relieve a sore throat or release the tension of a headache, as examples.

The Dangers of Medication Error

Medication errors can be difficult cases to resolve. Sometimes, the only evidence to refer to is the medication to help correct the problem. In many instances, medication error points to a poorly written doctor’s note, communication errors between physicians, nurses and the pharmacist, and even inadequately trained staff.

These are some of the more common sources of m

  • Patient is given the wrong medication
  • Patient is given an incorrect dosage
  • Doctor disregards patient’s history of prescription drug use
  • Doctor does not warn the patient of the potential risks
  • Adverse reactions from different prescriptions given

Taking medication that does not treat your disease or illness is not only ineffective, it can also be dangerous. We have seen patients have severe allergic reactions, become even more ill, and in some instances, even suffer from disability and death. If this has affected you or a loved one, we urge you to seek legal counsel right away. An attorney can help you make a claim for restitution, which can help restore some of the financial strains that the errors have caused.

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Our experienced Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers can investigate thoroughly into the specifics of your case and identify how and where the error occurred. You must act quickly if you believe a medication error has caused you harm. We urge you to give Henningsen Injury Attorneys, P.C. a call as soon as possible to begin your fight for justice.

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