Pothole Accidents

Pothole Accidents

Pothole Accidents

Automobile accidents can happen for many reasons, such as weather, traffic law violations, and environmental hazards. When you encounter large potholes that contributed to a horrible automobile accident, you may not be at fault for your damages. The owner of the road or municipality that manages the pavement conditions is in charge of making sure that the area is safe for drivers. When they fail to maintain the roads properly, the municipality can be held liable. Filing a claim against your local government can be difficult on your own, which is why you should speak to a motorcycle accident attorney first to explore your options. Contact Henningsen Injury Attorneys, P.C. for a free consultation. 

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What Are Pothole Accidents?

When seasons change and weather damages the top layer on the road, potholes are a regular occurrence. If a large and dangerous pothole opens up on the road, it can create strain on a vehicle’s suspension and shock. This can force a vehicle to lose control and crash into nearby cars. Some potholes can expand to several feet wide, making it possible for a car to be thrown completely off course when hit at certain angles. Potholes can also cause tread separation, tire punctures, and sidewall bulges in tires, which can create further issues with the mechanical function of your car.

What Should You Do If You Were In A Pothole Accident?

If you’ve been in a terrible pothole accident involving you or even multiple drivers, you can begin collecting evidence about what happened. Take a picture of not only the damage that the crash caused to happen to your car but also the pothole itself. You can show how bad the pothole is, any destruction that happened to the tires that hit the pothole, and the location of the car after the crash. If other people were eye-witnesses and saw you drive over the pothole before you veered off course, get their contact information. Your attorney can use this information to strengthen your case that your accident was not your fault. 

If another driver was involved in your car accident and contributed to the crash, you should also collect their contact information. Take pictures of their car to help show how they got into an accident with you. When the police arrive, mention in the report how the accident happened and include the pothole as crucial information for the cause of your crash. 

What If I’m Partially At Fault For My Pothole Accident?

You may be partially at fault if you were speeding, distracted while driving, or doing other illegal activity. If you are partially at fault for your pothole accident, you can still receive compensation. According to Georgia’s comparative negligence law, you can recover damages if you only contributed 50% of the damages. If you are more than 50% at fault for your damages, you can’t receive a settlement. 

Can I Seek A Settlement From The Road Owner?

Most likely, the road owner is a government body or municipality that is in control of its upkeep. You will have to file a claim on the official local city website. First, consult with your attorney to learn how much in damages you are owed so that you have an accurate amount of compensation in mind. Your attorney may include your medical expenses, such as any bandages, imaging scans, medical treatments, surgery, lab tests, physical therapy, and any other ongoing costs. You may also require compensation for lost wages because of your injuries. If you took time off from work and intend to continue for months into the future while you recover from your temporary disability, your attorney can calculate this amount for you. Pain and suffering damages are also important and are entirely based on your emotional turmoil. Any grief, embarrassment, shame, depression, anxiety, or other forms of suffering can be estimated by your attorney with the help of an insurance adjuster. Your settlement can also include any property damage if necessary. 

How Can I Find Out More About Pothole Accidents And What I Should Expect?

Once you begin working with your attorney, they will investigate your claim to determine how the pothole accident occurred. They may use techniques such as accident reconstruction to help prove that the pothole was indeed the cause of your automobile crash. Other approaches include reviewing traffic camera footage, photographic evidence, and more. To get started, speak with your attorney so they can help you obtain fair compensation. Call Henningsen Injury Attorneys, P.C. now for a free consultation.