Uneven Pavement Accidents

Uneven Pavement Accidents

Uneven Pavement Accidents

When you encounter uneven pavements, this can be a dangerous obstacle that results in you receiving severe injuries. Uneven pavements should be properly repaired to prevent visitors from getting injured when in the area. They are often caused by wear and tear due to weather conditions such as rain slowly deteriorating the pavement. Other reasons are frequent traffic putting weight on the surface, eventually wearing it down over many years. Tree roots that create cracks and gaps in stone materials can also cause uneven pavements. If you were recently injured because of uneven pavement, you will need representation to prove that your accident wasn’t your fault. Contact Henningsen Injury Attorneys, P.C. for a free consultation. 

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What Are Uneven Pavement Accidents?

In public, you may pass over areas where the pavement has cracks, gaps, overlapping slabs, uneven heights, and improperly laid slabs. This can be caused by weather, soil erosion, and other conditions that deteriorate the pavement over time. In some cases, it is due to poor craftsmanship of pavement laying. The premises owner should maintain their property to ensure that you and other visitors don’t get injured when on their land. 

Pavement accidents can happen in parking lots, sidewalks, athletic areas, etc. When you get into any kind of accident because of uneven pavement, this may not be your fault. This is only if you are on the premises for a lawful reason and not trespassing or performing illegal activities. In this case, you can hold the premises owner liable for your injuries. 

What Kind Of Injuries Can I Get From Uneven Pavement Accidents?

Uneven pavement accidents can cause many injuries past your typical scrapes and bruises. Some of the most common injuries include the following:

Fractured And Broken Bones

Many individuals suffer from broken or fractured bones when they trip and fall to the ground, especially the elderly population. Hip fractures are common when someone older with frail bones manages to fall and get injured. Other common fractures happen to the fingers, wrists, arms, ankles, and leg bones. Typically, when you fall, you may hold your hand out to break the impact, often being the cause of a fractured or broken bone. In some cases, you may have tripped and twisted an ankle, which can also cause ankle and leg bone fractures. 

Traumatic Head Injuries

When you trip on uneven pavement, there is also the risk of getting a traumatic brain injury. You can fall and hit your head on the same pavement you tripped on, causing injuries such as hematomas, concussions, and hemorrhaging. If there is a nearby rock or another hard object, this can pierce the brain and cause other injuries. Traumatic head injuries can create permanent damage and also be fatal. 

Injuries To The Spinal Cord

Once you have tripped and wounded yourself, you may also suffer injuries to your back. In a worst-case scenario, the fall may also impact your spine. For example, you may experience pinched nerves, slipped discs, and ruptured discs. Some spinal injuries are so severe that you may even struggle with partial to full paralysis, depending on the location of the injury. 

Who Is Liable For Uneven Pavement Accidents?

If you were visiting a business, such as a mall or a corporate building, you can hold the property owner liable for your uneven pavement accident. Their insurance company is the organization that will be paying you a settlement for the cost of the liability and responsibility for your injuries. Alternatively, you may have been on public property at a park, city hall, public library, or other state-run property. In this case, the local government can be held liable for your damages. Before you seek a settlement from the other party, you should speak with a motorcycle accident attorney who can help you fight for your right to a fair settlement. They can manage your case while you recover from your injuries and overcome this difficult time. 

What Should I Do To Prove I’m Not At Fault For An Uneven Pavement Accident?

Once you’ve been in an uneven pavement accident, you should seek counsel with your attorney to help you prove that you are not liable for your injuries. The attorney has to prove how the property owner was neglectful in order for you to receive a settlement to compensate for your damages. If you were on the property illegally, you may be held liable. Additionally, if there was caution tape or hazard signs, you may also be held responsible for your own damages. To find out how much you are owed, call Henningsen Injury Attorneys, P.C. for a free consultation.