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Elevator & Escalator Accidents

It can be a scary situation when you get injured on an elevator or escalator. These forms of equipment are incredibly complex with many moving gears. When they malfunction, your life can be put in danger at no fault of your own. You can suffer from a variety of serious injuries due to poorly maintained or defective elevators or escalators. 

After you experience a dangerous injury while riding an elevator or escalator, you should consider seeking compensation. Work with an attorney who can make sure you are fairly compensated so that you can fully recover from your difficult injuries. Elevator and escalator accident attorneys can investigate how you were injured and estimate how much you should receive in compensation. Find out more information from a dedicated law firm to learn more about your case and whether you are eligible for a settlement.

Elevator doors from the inside

How Do Elevator And Escalator Accidents Occur?

An average of 6,000 people per year are injured on an escalator. Even more common are elevator injuries, which happen on average to 10,200 people per year. Here are some ways that you could have experienced an elevator or escalator accident:

Elevator Suddenly Accelerating Or Stopping

If an elevator moves too quickly then stops, you can suddenly hit your head or other body part on the wall or floor. Abrupt acceleration and deceleration can cause you to lose balance and get badly injured.

Getting Caught In Elevator Doors

Elevator doors have built in sensors that prevent them from closing on guests. Sometimes these sensors are defective and doors can close on visitors. This can cause a person to get caught in the elevator and even dragged when it moves to the next floor. 

Elevator Not Leveling Properly 

Although elevators are regularly maintained and calibrated, they sometimes don’t level properly when they reach their destination. This can result in its occupants getting trapped halfway between floors or tripping and falling when they try to leave the elevator.

Missing Or Broken Escalator Steps

It is extremely dangerous for guests when there is a missing or broken escalator step. They can easily tumble from a tall height and get badly injured on the moving escalator. 

Clothing Or Body Caught In Escalator

Even though escalators are typically designed for safety, sometimes the clothing of visitors can get caught in the escalator. This can result in life-threatening situations when the clothing pulls a visitor into the escalator or drags them. 

Dysfunctional Escalator Handrails 

If you or someone you love has been injured in an elevator accident, contact a premises liability lawyer at Henningsen Injury Attorneys today.When the handrails of an escalator malfunction, it can also cause a guest to lose balance. The handrails may not be moving with the escalator, are jolting, or moving in the wrong direction.

Who Is At Fault For An Elevator And Escalator Accident?

The premises owner may be at fault for your elevator or escalator accident, however it is best to find out from an experienced personal injury attorney. If your actions were normal and not reckless, for example you weren’t horsing around, racing, intoxicated, or doing something illegal, you are likely not at fault. It is also possible that the maintenance company for the elevator or escalator were negligent and at fault. In other circumstances, it may be the manufacturer of the elevator or escalator that is liable. This is entirely based upon the situation and requires an investigation. Your attorney can investigate how your accident happened and in what way the elevator or escalator malfunctioned. Whatever the case, your attorney will find out who is responsible for your damages.

How Can An Elevator Escalator Accident Attorney Help You?

After an initial investigation, your attorney can make sure the correct party is held responsible for your damages. They will calculate your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any applicable property damage to your clothes or items. Attorneys negotiate a fair settlement with the party responsible, in most cases the premises owner. They will make sure that you are fairly represented and your situation not ignored. Attorneys will take your case to court if the other party refuses to settle on your terms. You can expect to recover from your injuries with more ease knowing that your attorney is fighting behind the scenes to make sure you are fully compensated.

A pair of escalators in a dark location

Get Help with Your Elevator And Escalator Accident

Call an attorney today to find out who is at fault for your horrendous elevator or escalator accident. Not only does this protect you from becoming negatively financially impacted due to expensive damages, but it serves as a warning to the responsible party. Others could experience the same hazard due to negligence. Your attorney will make sure you receive maximum compensation for your serious injuries. We work on a contingency fee basis that doesn’t require you to pay us until we win your case. Get a free consultation now with Henningsen Injury Attorneys P.C.