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You may encounter unexpected accidents on a poorly maintained sidewalk. This can happen anywhere, from your neighborhood, to a retail shopping plaza, to even a business complex. Sidewalk accidents aren’t your fault and often occur because the sidewalks are damaged or run-down. When the local government or property owner fails to maintain their sidewalks, this can make the area more hazardous for visitors.

If you slipped and fell on a sidewalk at no fault of your own, you can receive a settlement to cover your damages. Do this with the help of a sidewalk accident attorney who can prove how you are owed compensation. These attorneys are experienced in personal injury and understand how the settlement claim process works. They can help you recover fair compensation so that you can return to your normal way of living.

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How Do Sidewalk Accidents Occur?

You can unexpectedly injure yourself on someone else’s property due to poor maintenance. This can happen at a business complex, in a state-owned public area, or even on private property. Ways that this can occur include the following:

Uneven Pavement 

Over time, pavement can become uneven due to spreading tree roots, soil erosion, or poor construction techniques. Sidewalks that are uneven can result in you stubbing a toe or losing balance.

Slippery Surface

When it rains, the surface of a slanted sidewalk can be incredibly slippery. Sidewalks that are prone to being slippery should be installed with grips, sidewalk bumps, curb ramps, and other anti-slip methods to create traction. 

Cracked Sidewalk

As they age, sidewalks can become cracked because of the change in temperature and the expansion and contraction of the cement. Also, wear and tear on the pavement can over time cause it to crack with age. It is easy to trip on cracks that are wide enough to catch your foot.


Sidewalks sometimes have large holes or areas where chunks of the pavement come loose. This can result in you tripping over a large hole or gap in the sidewalk.

Piles Of Debris 

The premises owner should regularly clear out their sidewalks to make them easier to pass through. When they get covered in leaves, dirt, mud, fallen branches, and other debris, this creates a hazard for visitors.

Who Is At Fault For Sidewalk Accidents?

Sidewalk accidents can be caused by poor maintenance. The premises owner should make an effort to regularly update their sidewalks by filling in cracks and using other methods to keep the surface smooth enough to walk across. They should also hire a leaf blower and other forms of lawn maintenance to help keep the area clear and safe for walking. The owner of the property or the local municipality would be at fault for a sidewalk accident. However, you might be held partly liable for a sidewalk accident if you were reckless in some way. For example, if you were drunk and smacked your head on the pavement due to a trip and fall accident on someone else’s property, you may be partly to blame. Another example is if you saw a large crack and could’ve walked around it, but instead took the more dangerous route. Obvious obstacles and warning signs can change who is liable for a slip and fault accident.

How Can A Sidewalk Accident Attorney Help You?

It isn’t always clear who should be held liable for a sidewalk accident. It is best to speak to a knowledgeable sidewalk accident attorney about your personal injury. They will investigate your accident and get to the root of the problem. Using traditional methods, they identify who can be held liable so that you seek compensation from the correct party. This saves you time and also speeds up the delivery of your settlement. Attorneys also make sure you get paid the correct amount. You will be struggling with pain and suffering, medical bills, and even lost income. Instead of receiving a small lump sum settlement, you should receive enough to help you recover from your injuries in the future. This amount can only be calculated by a professional attorney who has experience in sidewalk accidents. They also represent you and make sure the other party takes you seriously so that your personal injury claim doesn’t get ignored.

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Don’t delay receiving fair compensation. Speak to personal injury attorneys who understand exactly what you’re experiencing. Our legal team has proven experience in obtaining settlements for claims just like yours. We will find out who can be held liable and hold a conversation with them regarding the damages that they caused you. It is only fair that you are compensated after you were harmed due to another’s negligence. You are not required to pay us now, instead, you only pay us after we’ve won your settlement. Get a free consultation today and call Henningsen Injury Attorneys P.C.