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Tired Truck Driver Accidents in Atlanta

Truck drivers have a challenging job which requires them to spend many hours on the road. Over exhaustion and prolonged driving hours has been proven to lead to serious automobile accidents. While the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has worked hard to create regulations that would curb these accidents related to driver fatigue, many drivers still ignore or driver around these rules.

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Regulations Against Tired Driving

So what are the rules? The maximum average workweek for a truck driver is 70 hours. That means that any driver exceeding those hours may be held liable for any damage they cause. If they want to continue working after hitting that 70 hour cap, they must get at least 34 hours of consecutive rest, which includes two nights of rests. Drivers are also required to take 30 minute breaks within the first 8 hours of their shifts.

While the regulations are straightforward, not all drivers abide by these rules. Many feel pressured to work through breaks or shorten rest hours in order to meet quotas or earn more money. When this happens, it can often lead to driver fatigue and accidents.

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A truck driver has a duty to exercise reasonable care when on the road. If they have failed to uphold this duty due to tired, reckless driving, you need to pursue justice for your injuries. Let our seasoned legal team take on your case today.

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