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Truck Accident Investigation

Following any serious truck accident, law enforcement will investigate to help establish who is responsible. However, you would be mistaken in believing that police officers are there to protect your interests if you or a loved one were injured in a collision. At Henningsen Injury Attorneys, our truck accident investigations include information that is not included in the crash report. 

Law enforcement’s thoughts on who is responsible for the accident are only part of your case. We also investigate critical evidence regarding the truck driver and the company they work for. We work hard to uncover any severe rules violations that can establish a personal injury lawsuit. 

Preserving Vital Evidence

It is important to retain any vital evidence to establish your case, even if you think it may not be essential. If you or a loved one have been severely injured and medical bills are mounting, it becomes more critical to ensure critical evidence is not destroyed. Hiring a professional truck accident lawyer is a sure-fire way to obtain the proof you need. 

The critical evidence that your case needs depends on what happened before the crash. A truck accident investigation may uncover facts that law enforcement was not aware of. 

If, for example, you were rear-ended by a truck, we would consider the condition of the brakes, if the truck driver was tired, and what the event data recorder noted. 

Evidence that can help win a truck accident lawsuit includes:

  • Event Data Recorder information
  • Tractor-trailer inspection
  • Truck driver’s cell phone records
  • Witness statements
  • Truck driver’s background check
  • Motor carrier’s background check
  • Documentation of the scene
  • Load documents
  • Driver’s logbooks
  • Investigating authority documents
  • Shipping and receiving receipts
  • Driver’s blood tests
  • Driver’s qualification file

The sooner you connect with an experienced truck accident attorney, the higher your chances are of being fully compensated for any damages. 

What is a Driver Qualification File?

Motor carriers are required by law to register as an operating authority. As such, they need to retain certain records even if the driver is a one-person company. This file includes facts about the employed driver’s background. This helps ensure that the motor carrier has researched the driver to the minimum level of safety as required by law.  

Event Data Recorders

Event data recorders, also called black boxes, are small computers that record information that can help establish who is responsible for any accidents. They record the following:

  • Braking action
  • Speed before the accident occurred
  • Hours of service
  • Driving maneuvers right before the impact

Following an accident and before the commercial truck is placed back in service, getting the event data recorder is essential for prosecuting truck injury claims.  

Inspecting the Truck After an Accident

Any time a severe injury accident occurs, the rig should be inspected as part of the investigation. Trucking companies are obligated to keep their fleet in good working conditions to avoid incidents. The law also requires specific conduct if any deficiencies are noted.

A truck accident investigation can reveal faulty conditions with the trailer or tractor or law violations. 

Obtaining Witness Accounts

In a perfect world, everyone would be candid at all times. If you have been in a truck accident, the truck driver can change their version of the story at any time. Many trucking companies instruct their drivers to call their company immediately following an accident, so their attorney is notified. Many require drivers never to admit responsibility. 

Witnesses can help determine how the accident occurred. Even if the truck driver changes their story to protect themselves, witness statements can be valuable.

Why You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer

Being involved in a collision with a tractor-trailer is always a scary experience. Instead of dealing with a regular insurance company, you have to deal with a trucking company, their truck driver, multiple insurers, and their lawyers. It can be challenging and overwhelming, which is why it’s nice to have someone on your side who knows the law and isn’t afraid to fight on your behalf. 

The aftermath of a truck accident could be lifelong. Some injuries can cause irreparable damage to you. If this is your situation, you need an attorney who knows how to present your claim effectively. At Henningsen Injury Attorneys, we won’t let the insurance company underpay or deny your claim. 

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney

Any time a truck accident occurs, an investigation should follow closely. We will determine if the truck driver or their company has knowingly violated any safety regulations. Gathered evidence can affect the amount of your settlement. 

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