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Underride Truck Accidents in Atlanta

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Sadly, in metropolitan Atlanta, there is a higher likelihood of truck accidents that occur. Underride truck accidents, in particular, can be some of the most devastating of all. These accidents occur when a passenger vehicle collides and becomes wedged underneath the underside or the rear of a commercial truck.

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Why Do Underride Accidents Occur?

These types of accidents are often the most serious. Passenger vehicles are no match for large commercial trucks, and will almost always incur the most damage. The top of the vehicle may become crushed or completely torn way after the accident, often resulting in severe and even fatal injuries to the passengers.

Underride accidents occur in the following ways:

  • Inability to see while driving at night
  • Inadequate truck maintenance, e.g., dirty or missing reflectors
  • Lack of brake or signal lights on the truck
  • Improper lighting on the roads
  • Rain, snow, and other inclement weather conditions
  • Failing to see a car or other driver passing into another’s lane
  • Truck driver fails to see car in another lane and runs into a vehicle while switching lanes
  • Multi-vehicle crashes where one car is pushed underneath the truck

The federal government regulates the trucking industry extensively. These guidelines address the importance of servicing the trucks regularly, particularly the reflector tape that helps boost the truck’s visibility. Furthermore, trucking companies must provide rear guards, which are meant to prevent underride accidents.

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